$29.99 - Non Retail Packaging

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Kit Includes:

  • Bagg'em Block (Grey or Red)
  • 2" Screw
  • S Hook
  • 8' Hose
  • Adapter as needed

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Pump Out ID
Block Color


Bagg'em, the best help you will ever have getting your fish to the scales

If you fish alone this puts a second set of hands in your boat come weigh in time.

If you fish Team this enables you to cut the time from check in to tanks by 2/3rds.

Easy install of under 2 minutes, 1 screw, no cutting, running cables, no splicing hoses.

Everything supplied to install to your existing seat / butt seat flat mounting plate.

With conservation on the mind the Bagg'em is eco friendly.

Once installed it can be left in place and ready to use at anytime.


Do not suspend bag from S hook. Make sure bag is supported by deck.